Big Local Small Grants March 2017

Anyone can apply for small grants of up to £200 for projects that benefit the residents of Thurcroft.  To be funded, your proposed project needs to support one of the three themes in the Thurcroft Big Local Plan –Community Pride, Regeneration or Children and Young People.  Applications are open to all but anyone under 16 will need an adult guarantor to support their project.

Thurcroft Big Local Partnership has  worked with  residents and put together a plan for the village to spend £1m over the next ten years to make Thurcroft a “place where people want to bring their children up in the future.” These small grants aim to support smaller projects around the village.  The Partnership would particularly welcome new, interesting and exciting projects that benefit Thurcroft residents.

This is the eighth round of small grants. To apply, all  you need to do is complete a simple form describing your project  and how it will benefit Thurcroft residents. Application forms are available from and can be returned to or email your completed form to by 5pm on Friday 31st March  2017.

Application Form Thurcroft BL Small Grants March 2017

Thurcroft Hub Now Open

Thurcroft Hub opening ceremony was held on   Friday 10th March 2017.


The Big Local Partnership and the Thurcroft Institute and Recreation Ground (TIRG) have been working together over the last couple of years to make this project happen. This brand new sports venue will bring much improved and needed sporting facilities to the local community.The sports facilities will include football pitches and a cricket pitch for both adults and juniors to enjoy, an indoor sports hall for netball, basketball, tennis and badminton as well as modern and secure changing facilities for men, women and children.Other facilities include a function room accommodating up to 80 people and an office/meeting room available for hire. Private use of the sports bar and kitchen is also available.The Thurcroft Hub is a community building, which has been funded through the Big Lottery Fund and will be open to the public all year round.



Litter Picks

60 bags of rubbish were collected on 4th March 2017 from the Mineral Line. 24 adults, 10 children and Lottie the dog all took part.

The next litter pick will be at 10am on  Saturday 25th March 2017 meeting at Gordon Bennett memorial Hall. Everyone welcome.

Big Local Training 2017

A programme of courses for residents of Thurcroft is available during 2017.

Local Trust has organised  interactive, practical training is here to help you deliver Big Local. The in‑depth courses support you to develop your personal skills and confidence. We’ve just announced the calendar for 2017, so take a look and spread the word!

Brilliant courses, now even better

All these courses now offer accreditation through a recognised awarding body. This means that once you’ve attended the training, you can prove you have new skills and the confidence to use them.

It’s also a way of getting recognition for the volunteering you’ve been doing and the skills you’ve already been developing, so some people find it helps them to progress into employment. Gaining accreditation is optional and involves completing extra work to demonstrate your learning.

Free and accessible training

It’s free to attend all our courses and we book and pay in advance for travel, accommodation and care costs, such as childcare. Just ask us when you book.

For the 2 day courses based in London or Birmingham, we arrange a hotel near the venue and for the longer courses you’ll be staying in residential accommodation at the amazing Northern College (pictured above) near Barnsley.

Full Programme

More Small Grants Approved

4 small grants totalling £780 were approved by the Thurcroft big local grants panel on Monday 7th November 2016. £180 was approved for fertiliser for Thurcroft Bowling Club, £200 to fit a water heater and festive craft supplies to 2nd Rotherham Thurcroft Scout Group, £200 for a Christmas grotto and a contribution towards room rent to Thurcroft Toddler Group and £200 for speakers and entertainment to Thurcroft Friday Circle. Funding for a further two Thurcroft groups was approved pending confirmation of their bank account details.


This is the sixth  set of grants allocated by the Thurcroft Big Local Partnership. All the projects support one of the three themes in the Thurcroft Big Local Plan- community pride, regeneration or children and young people. Tony Simmonds, local resident and a member of the grants panel said “though consisting of small amounts of money , these small grants help community groups and volunteers make a big difference to Thurcroft village life”.

These grants have been made possible through a Big Lottery Fund investment and managed by Local Trust supported by locally trusted charitable company  Rotherham Federation of Communities Ltd (RotherFed). More information available from Steve Ruffle on 01709 368515 or email

Name of Group Granted For what
Thurcroft Bowling Club £180 Fertiliser for bowling green to keep green in condition
2nd Rotherham Thurcroft Scout Group £200 Fitting of water heater and festive craft supplies
Thurcroft Toddler Group £200 Christmas grotto with Santa and rent
Thurcroft Friday Circle £200 Speakers and entertainment


Sad Times for Thurcroft Big Local

Sadly  we received the news that Alan Bucknall, chair of Thurcroft Big Local has died having fought bravely against cancer over the past year.

Alan has been a passionate and dedicated supporter of Big Local from the beginning.


Despite his illness he insisted on turning up to show his support and offer encouragement at Big Local activities. 

I have attached a few recent photos of Alan handing over the chair to his vice-chair, and the most recent where he is proudly reading the promotional booklet for the long awaited but soon to be completed new ‘Thurcroft Hub’ at the Thurcroft Big Local Gala this summer, both of which will be a lasting legacy of the time and commitment he gave to Big Local.


Alan, along with his smile, humour and eternal optimism will be sadly missed and I felt it right to acknowledge him and in memory of him share with you all how much he valued what we are all doing and to assure you it is of value and can make a genuine and positive difference.

Good night and God Bless

Alister Shaw (Big Local Rep)

Alan Bucknall

Alan Bucknall was a near perfect Chair of Thurcroft Big Local and an inspiration to us all. He understood the success of Thurcroft Big Local was in the hands of residents themselves and that it was all about community led action, supporting initiatives that Thurcroft residents themselves wanted to take forward. he did everything he could to make sure that happened.


Alan had all the best qualities of a good Chair – he was a diplomat, a real team player and knew and could sensitively deal with difficult situations when they arose. He supported and facilitated the Big Local Partnership and community activity with a positive and helpful attitude supporting us to work together helping make Thurcroft a better place to live in.


A gentle, thoughtful and considerate man, Alan will be missed by all of us at Thurcroft Big Local. His funeral will be at 11.30am on Thursday 6th October 2016. All our condolences go to Muriel and his family.

Steve Ruffle